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NEWLATH 2000 - for damp proofing above ground
SYSTEM 500 - for waterproofing below ground
GEODRAIN - for waterproofing below ground external earth retaining walls
DRAINAGE - pumps and drainage systems
FLOORING - newtons industrial flooring membranes
Newton Newlath 2000 damp proofing membrane for above ground applications
Newton Newlath 2000 waterproof CDM with welded mesh for direct rendering for above ground damp proofing applica
tions: walls, gable ends etc

Newton System 500 waterproof membranes - Waterproofing membrane for below ground applications
Newton System 500 Complete underground waterproof system for waterproofing basements, cellars, tunnels & vaults and construction areas

Newton Geodrain - underground external application for earth retaining and facing walls
CDM for waterproofing external earth facing walls applied in newbuild projects or where excavation possible

Newton Drainage products for basement & cellar waterproofing and other undergound building water control applications
Newton Titan Sump Pumps for waterproofing systems in basements & cellars. - drainage using Pump, Basedrain & Baseboard drainage conduit, Geotextile

Newtons Flooring Membranes to prevent damp and water entering through floor
Newton Slimline Flooring can be directly laid on damp floors so finish is rabidly applied, or used as part of a system to control contamination or radon gas - also see System 500 above

Damp Gable Ends?

Having damp enter your home is unpleasant - however it gets there.


Newlath 2000 damp and waterproofing membrane is a simple to use - a long lasting and chemical free option - stops wind and water penetration and boosts the thermal value of the treated area.

Our Newlath 2000 membrane has been extensively used in exposed and densely populated areas of the country, and in particular coastal areas where the problems caused by salts and driving rain often mean that the traditional waterproof renders and treatments crumble or crack after only a few years resulting in damp penetrating the property. Newlath 2000 makes a damp proof and waterproof barrier between the finish and the existing skin of the building prevents this from happening.

Newlath 2000 is a simple to use and chemical free system more friendly to the enviroment than chemical based treatments.

In cities where the weather can also be severe, there are any number of end of terrace walls that can be just as vulnerable to rain penetration.

Newlath 2000 not only creates a weatherproof barrier, it also enhances the thermal value of the exposed area.

There are any number of decorated finishes that can be applied.

When applying render to the external membrane it is strongly advisable that technical advice be sought from John Newton and Company as the application procedure differs from internal applications.

Newtons Products used in the Solution:

Newton Newlath 2000 (used externally)
Newton Newlath 2000 plugs
Newton Mastic

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